Saturday, 5 May 2012

husband as a KING.......

This is for all the ladies out there.. Treat your man like a king as you are a queen tohim..
Your husband
Love him when he forget that special
occasion. For him every moment with you is
special, so he doesn’t need an occasion.♥
Love him when he comes late from the
Masjid. He wants to make sure he is early
with you in Jannah.♥
Love him when he admonishes you to do the
hijaab. He wants to be sure you enshrouded
by Allah’s Mercy when you leave the
Love him when he is jealous. Out of all the
women he could have, he chose you to be
his wife!♥
Love him when he is working till late. At least
he comes home and you still get to sleep
and wake up in his loving and caring
Love him when he has annoying little habits
that drives you nuts. You have them too
(and maybe more)♥
Love him when does not praise your
cooking. He told you as newlyweds that
yours was indeed always the best.♥
Love him when he looks dishevelled. He was
more busy caring for the family than
grooming himself. By the way he is cute!♥
Love him when he does not help in the
home. He is out earning a halaal (pure)
income for the family.♥
Love him when he does not reply to your
questions. He does not want to hurt your
feelings or is absorbed in thinking about
your welfare.♥
Love him when he looks beautiful. He’s
yours to appreciate!♥
Love him when he goes out in the Path of
Allah. He is preparing a blissful eternal home
for you in Jannah.♥
Love him when he does not comment when
you get angry. He is a good listener.♥
Love him when he buys you gifts you don’t
like. Smile and tell him it’s what you’ve
always wanted. He took the time and money
out just for you!♥
Love him when he has developed a bad
habit. You have many more and with wisdom
and politeness you have all the time to help
him change.♥
Love him when he is irritable and moody.
Buy chocolates, massage his head and feet
and just chat to him. He will become your
Love him when whatever you do is not
pleasing. It’s like a storm; it happens and
will soon pass by.♥
Love him when he drives so fast. He only
wants you to be there in time.♥
Love him when he extends his period of
rest. He is re-charging himself to serve you
the best.♥
Love him when he forgets to say ‘’I love
you’’. He actually shows his love in many
other ways.♥
Love him when he forgets to buy the bread
or milk. He was rushing home to be with
Love him when he does not give you a
chance to talk. He just knows what is in your
heart and what it is you want to say.♥
Love him when he demands respect. After all
he is thehead of the house.♥
Love him when he shouts the kids. He only
wants to ensure they are corrected and have
a good moral upbringing.♥
Love him because he is yours. You don’t
need any other special reason..!♥
All this forms part of a man’s character. Your
Husband is part of your life and should be
treated as the King!♥

psstt: i'm promise n i will be a QUEEN for my husband as he is a KING...

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